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Menu from Alexey Fedorchuk in the ALTBIER show restaurant

The ALTBIER team has built big gastronomic plans for 2021 and has already begun to turn ideas into reality. A master class by Oleksiy Fedorchuk, a chef with extensive experience in Ukraine and abroad, was recently held. Alexey not only shared culinary secrets, but also developed a seasonal menu for the ALTBIER show restaurant.

          Oleksiy expressed his sincere love for meat and foam in two dishes: Ham Fritters - smoked pork in tempura based on light beer and Milfei beef with spinach, roasted mushrooms and dark beer sauce. Fish lovers are also lucky. The seasonal menu includes pike perch fillet with "noisette" vegetables and white wine sauce with cream and caviar.

          Two new salads tempt with an unusual combination of ingredients. Salad with blue cheese and seasonal berries is seasoned with smoked cherry sauce. And Salad with quail and mushrooms is combined with a spicy Asian sauce.

          Two Tartars deserve a Michelin star! Minced veal tartare with capers is served with wheat crust and rye toast. Tuna tartare with mango and avocado is accompanied by fresh dough chips and seeds.

          For those who are constantly looking for new flavors, Alex has prepared a Filipino hot snack "Lampias" - rolls with meat filling, deep fried. Another attraction - "Samosa Bree". These are "envelopes" of filo dough with Brie cheese, and to them - raspberry sauce with wine and spices.

          Nine seasonal dishes by Oleksiy Fedorchuk impress with their originality and exceptional taste. We recommend trying it together with ALTBIER branded beer.

          Next up is a master class from Roberto Armaroli, a third-generation Italian restaurateur. Follow our news and get ready to enjoy the incomparable seasonal dishes.

          We are waiting for you in the ALTBIER show restaurant!

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