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  • ⭐️ Нові перемоги СІМ’Ї ALTBIER – на конкурсi Hop Cup Ukraine Open Beer Awards-2021 пиво ALTBIER здобуло Гран-Прі!🏆

    ⭐️ Нові перемоги СІМ’Ї ALTBIER – на конкурсi Hop Cup Ukraine Open Beer Awards-2021 пиво ALTBIER визнано призером та здобуло: 5 золотих, 3 срібних та 2 бронзових медалей, та загалом по кількості медалей здобуло Гран-Прі!🏆 👏🏼 Зустрічайте сорти-переможці: 🥇 «Armelina» – золото в категорії Speciality IPA!🥇 «Кабінетне Чорне» – золото в категорії Dark Lager!🥇 «BARLEY... (Read more)
  • The lean menu is already in ALTBIER!

              Friends, congratulations on the beginning of Lent! Every year, our talented chefs diligently prepare for this important event and develop dishes without animal products. The menu of Lent will help to diversify your diet, eat tasty and nutritious. For lunch we offer a gentle ... (Read more)
  • Menu from Alexey Fedorchuk in the ALTBIER show restaurant

    The ALTBIER team has built big gastronomic plans for 2021 and has already begun to turn ideas into reality. A master class by Oleksiy Fedorchuk, a chef with extensive experience in Ukraine and abroad, was recently held. Alexey not only shared culinary secrets, but also developed a seasonal menu for the ALTBIER show restaurant. Sincere love for ... (Read more)
  • Restaurant award "SALT" is ours!

    Friends, we hasten to share the good news. On December 1, the VII ceremony of awarding the National Restaurant Award "SALT" took place. The ALTBIER show restaurant won the Best Beer Restaurant nomination. We are ahead of seven worthy competitors from Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Cherkasy and proved that the best live beer is brewed in Kharkov! Award Jury ... (Read more)
  • Updated menu at the ALTBIER Show Restaurant

              With the advent of cold weather, you want to treat yourself to something delicious and meet more often with friends at your favorite table of the ALTBIER Show Restaurant. To diversify your gastronomic evenings, our friendly team of chefs has added several new items to the menu. The section "Italy" was replenished with pastes, to ... (Read more)
  • Show restaurant ALTBIER gives 20% for delivery!

    Compared to other food deliveries in Kharkov, ALTBIER has a wider range. This is the rare case when vegans, carnivores, supporters of proper nutrition, and those who do not deny themselves anything can make an order in one place. The ALTBIER menu: 5 types of branded burgers, more than 20 snacks for beer, fish and ... (Read more)
  • Lean menu at the ALTBIER Show Restaurant.

    In 2020, Lent begins on March 2 and ends on April 18. The chefs of the ALTBIER show restaurant prepared in advance for this important event and presented the "Lean Menu" from 10 positions. With us you can easily stay 7 weeks without food of animal origin. Moreover, you do not want to part with your favorite lean dishes. On the first re ... (Read more)
  • New in the Menu: Beer Sets for the Company.

    Friends, we decided to please you with gastronomic novelties at the beginning of the year. Chef Mikhail Gadrani presented Beer sets for company - 4 assortments for a large company, which are perfectly combined with craft beer from Viktor Vashchuk. The "Savage" set is sure to please girls. These are 6 fresh large oysters with different fillings: with tabasco sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, fresh cucumber ... (Read more)
  • Meet the winter with new business lunches!

    The lower the temperature, the richer the dishes in the ALTBIER show restaurant. On weekdays, between noon and 16:00, we recommend taking a break and visit us for a business lunch. And let all the deadlines and messengers wait while you taste the new products! Business lunches are opened by four first courses: traditional Ukrainian borsch and light turkey broth, navar ... (Read more)
  • Meet the new menu at the AltBier Show Restaurant!

    The change of seasons always inspires chef Mikhail Gadrani for new dishes. The autumn-winter menu will appeal to carnivores, vegetarians and supporters of proper nutrition. We take into account the gastronomic preferences of each guest to see you at our tables more often. Crispy tapas are responsible for the Spanish notes in the new menu. Salmon, herring, pate from ... (Read more)