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In connection with the opening of the summer playground and kitchen, the AltBier Show Restaurant is recruiting staff!

Age from 18 years! Day / night 12-hour shifts, 2 meals a day, there is delivery, ZP 2 times a month, friendly staff, career opportunities!

  • Cooks butchers, cold, hot process
    55 UAH / hour, Schedule 3/3
    Work experience from 2 years in a similar position.
    Anton 0950144302; 0970144302


  • Bartenders - 300 UAH / shift + %, Barbecue - 500 UAH / shift.
    Flexible schedule
    Work experience from 1 year
    Dmitry 0676061482
  • Hostess – 250+%
    Schedule 5/2
    Work experience is welcome
    Sociability and neat appearance are a must
    Anton 0996384307; 0938389735


  • Waiter - % from personal cash desk + personal tips
    Schedule 5/2
    Work experience from 1 year
    Sociability, knowledge of service standards
    Anton 0996384307; 0938389735
  • Assistant waiter - 350 rate + personal tips from the waiters
    Schedule 5/2
    A neat appearance is a must
    Anton 0996384307; 0938389735


  • Mistresses of purity: white car wash, cleaners of the hall and office area - 400 UAH / shift
    Flexible schedule.
    Anton 0996384307; 0938389735

ALTBIER show restaurant invites young and talented people to cooperate!
If you want to work in a friendly team, are ready to work in a creative atmosphere, love the holiday atmosphere - welcome!


Requires a sociable, responsible, clean, neat, young man with experience of 1 year.
Responsibilities: sale of products.
Working conditions: by agreement.
Contact person: +38 (095)-228-16-48 - Denis


Our team needs a cook. We are looking for an experienced specialist who can work in a team under the sensitive guidance of a chef. We need a person who loves his job and knows a thing or two about haute cuisine. It is important - the ability to work quickly and efficiently. We offer to work on a permanent basis on mutually beneficial terms.

To register for an interview, please contact (by 18:00) by phone: +38 (099) -00-18-066- Mikhail.

We are actively developing and are always open to cooperation!

For detailed information on current vacancies you can contact by phone:  +38 (97)-727-27-26

You can send your resume to the post office: altbier@altbier.com.ua

Working in the establishments of the ALTBIER family of restaurants, you get comfortable working conditions, a favorite job, a high and stable salary.

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