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Beer varieties of Altbir Show Restaurant

Show-restaurant "Altbir" is equipped with the most modern brewery from the Czech company CZECH BREWMASTERS (https://www.czechbrewmasters.com/ru/)

We are proud of our beer and our brewer. The Czech brewer LIBOR brews live beer in the ALTBIER show restaurant.



Density: 12 %
Alcohol: 4.5% vol
Cooking time 35 days

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Density: 13%
Alcohol: 6 % vol
Cooking time 45 days

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If you love camp, raise your glass for Josef Groll, the inspiring rebel who urged everyone to face the army of poorly brewed beer. Josef Groll is the man who has radically changed the perception of beer around the world.

In 1842, he planted the first "bomb" in the European brewing camp. This bomb was the world's first gold camp welded in the city of Pilsen. In fact, the beer was so disgusting that three years earlier, decent residents of Plzen in a fit of indignation poured 36 barrels of sour beer right on the street in front of the town hall. They were so disappointed with the quality of the beer that they decided to build a brewery themselves. While the brewery was being built, delegates were sent from Plzen to England to study new malting technologies. Josef Grohl was specially invited from Bavaria. Light never saw a more stingy and grumpy man than Groll. However, he realized that he had natural resources in his hands: local water, soft as a baby's skin, ideal for light bottom-fermented beer, sweet malt, delicious Saaz spicy hops. When Groll combined all these elements, an alchemical action took place. The result of the transformation was copper-gold, transparent, sparkling and incredibly seductive. Soon everyone in the district drank only pilsner. The aroma of the most delicious drink is rich, with a complex bouquet of malt and spicy noble hops. This is a sparkling, complex, well-rounded, but at the same time refreshing beer with a rich structure and a shimmering golden hue. Czech Pilsner goes well with pork knee from our Chef.

Historically, black beer was one of the first beers to originate in Germany. Until now, brewed malt was obtained mainly by open fire, as a result of which it had a dark color and a noticeable roasted taste.

The first samples of dark beer were produced by top fermentation technology, later, with the invention and popularization of bottom fermentation, black beer was produced by this technology.
The first written mention of dark beer is usually considered to be a document from 1543, which mentions this type of beer, which was produced at that time in the town of Bad Koestrits in Thuringia. The local brewery still remains the producer of one of the most famous samples of black beer.
Original dark beer. Saturated coffee color. The taste accent is Bavarian caramel, which leaves a bitter-coffee feeling. This beer matures according to the original secret recipe.
Cabinet Black goes well with our home-made sausages.


Density: 16-18%
Alcohol: 7-9 % vol
Cooking time 60 days

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Density: 9 %
Alcohol: 3.5 % vol
Cooking time 45 days

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Belgium is a small country, but its role in the beer industry is very significant. Moorgat Brewery was founded in 1871 by Jan Murtgan (it was he who showed Belgium and then the world Duvel beer in 1923).

Golden El was created at the end of World War II in response to the growing popularity of Pilsen-type beer.

This is one of the most popular types of ale (horse fermentation beer). It is called so because it has a sunny golden color. The drink has a spicy taste and a wide range of mild aftertaste.

A wonderful gastronomic couple - Chicken on Firewood from the chefs of the show restaurant ALTBIER.

Light wheat beer, a variety, as always, an exquisite masterpiece, created according to a special, exclusive recipe by our brewers. The beer has a whitish color, thick foam and a unique taste.

The recipe has its roots in the days of Mozart, when each masterpiece was created easily and effortlessly.

The best gastronomic accompaniment is a light salad with feta cheese, arugula and roasted beets.


Density: 19 %
Alcohol: 7.5-8 % vol
Cooking time 120 days

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Density: 13 %
Alcohol: 5.5 % vol
Cooking time 45 days

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Belgian semi-dark beer Kwak (Kwak) is the pride of Belgium and a favorite drink of all beer connoisseurs in the world, which originated in the XVIII century in the town of Buggenhot. Kwak amber ale with a fruity aroma of malt, nougat and caramelized banana, has a fruity aftertaste with a hint of hops.

Kwak is the name of the owner of a restaurant who brewed a unique strong dark beer in the 19th century. Kwak's many customers were coachmen, who refreshed themselves in his tavern with beer and gave their horses a rest. The coachmen at that time could not leave the cart and horses, and then Paul Kwak came up with an ingenious solution: to make beer glasses of a certain shape, which could be inserted into special wooden holders located next to the coachman on the cart. Thus, the coachman could drink beer on a par with his passengers even on the way. According to another legend, beer is so called because after swallowing beer and putting it in place, when you fill the bottom ball of the glass, a sound similar to " Kwak ». Original semi-dark amber ale, with fruit nuances, caramel sweetness and light hop aftertaste. Exquisite gastronomic pair - dry ribeye ribeye steak.

Incredibly thin, intricately refined, refreshing, refined, delicious, well-hopped, dry with a thirst-quenching sour finish ale. This is a soft conversational beer with no less unique floral aroma with light hints of honey.

An indispensable component of this beer are hibiscus flowers, berries and cinnamon, which give the beer a unique raspberry hue and unforgettable taste characteristics!


Density: 22
Alcohol: 10% vol
Cooking time 120 days

YOU Beer of the Month (Vanilla Ale)

19% OG
Alc.8,0% vol.
IBU 27

Density 22 %
Alcohol content 10 vol%
Cooking time 120 days

This is a British beer with a domestic soul!

Bright aroma with a complex taste palette of chocolate, subtle plum notes and smooth hop character. The drink has a rich structure, filled with a luxurious fruit flavor and malt dryness, has a velvety texture.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks invented by mankind. Even in prehistoric times, people learned to brew this incredible drink, add herbs and spices to it.

We want to please you with a glass of Belgian strong ale with the addition of vanilla pods!

The beer has a deep reddish-copper color, the aroma gently combines vanilla, caramel and fruit. Sweet, intoxicating, warming - for true connoisseurs of perfection!

IPA Citrus & Mint

OG 14%
Alc. 5,2% vol
IBU 37

STRONG Ale (Platinum Series)

OG 21%
Alc. 9,5% vol
IBU 25

The abbreviation IPA (India Pale Ale, Indian pale ale) has become synonymous with American craft beer. These fruit and hop bombs are known for their pronounced bitterness, high alcohol content and intoxicating hop aroma.
This variety was developed and brewed together with students of NTU "KhPI" from the department of "Technology of fats and fermentation products" within the school of brewing.
IPA Citrus Mint is a well-hopped light ale with the addition of mint and orange peel. From the first sip you will feel the light sweetness of malt, the pronounced bitterness of hops, the candy freshness of mint and orange.

Strong Ale - beer for real men, self-confident and know the meaning of strong beer!

Soaked, British strong ale with a complex aroma of honey, fruit and oak chain. The beer has a deep golden color, full, slightly viscous taste and warming pleasant warmth.

This is not a beer that is drunk alone, it is best to drink it in the good company of friends.