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"Autumn Novelties" New Menu at the AltBier Show Restaurant.

The cooler the weather, the more filling the dishes - the gastronomic wisdom of chef Mikhail Gadrani. Autumn novelties at the AltBier Show Restaurant are served with heat from frying pans and hot cast iron, baked under a cheese crust and soaked in beer smoke. A must try!

Fans of Italian pasta can expect 3 types of lumaconi: with sausages and chili, with shellfish and chicken meatballs. Beef tongue with roasted vegetables and champignons are baked under a golden cheese crust and Dor-blue cream cheese. Great choice for lunch or dinner!

Hearty cast iron meat dishes are served. Pork knee with cabbage stewed in smoked paprika will be the perfect company for ALTBIER craft beer. And sausages with beef liver and cheese sauce will compete with beef rib "Bourbon" for the status of your new favorite dish.

Experimenting with meat and seasonal vegetables, Mikhail Gadrani developed 3 dishes that are served in hot pans. The meat languishes for a long time with vegetables and is impregnated with beer smoke. The aroma is just fantastic! Choose a chicken, pork or beef pan and do not forget to complement the dish with a glass of foam.

Warm up with autumn dishes and craft beer at the AltBier Show Restaurant!

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