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The lean menu is already in ALTBIER!

          Friends, congratulations on the beginning of Lent! Every year, our talented chefs diligently prepare for this important event and develop dishes without animal products. The menu of Lent will help to diversify your diet, eat tasty and nutritious.

          For lunch we offer a delicate lentil soup with fragrant herbs. Lentils contain vegetable protein, helps to normalize metabolism and increase immunity. And if you want something spicy, taste "Fasolado" - a soup based on Mexican with tomatoes, mussels, celery and bell peppers.

          A real vitamin bomb is a marinated chuki salad with nut sauce, which is so loved by Japanese long-lived people. Seaweed contains a lot of iodine, minerals and vitamin D needed by the body. We borrowed another dish from Japanese cuisine - eggplant in batter "tempura" with "Teriyaki" sauce and salad mix. Crispy, fragrant and very useful.

          Mushroom lovers are waiting for two dishes familiar from childhood. Potato pancakes with mushroom filling and nut sauce are so delicious, as if cooked by your favorite grandmother! The dish is quite nutritious and energizes for the whole day. Another option for lunch or dinner - potato slices with mushrooms in combination with lentil sauce. They melt in your mouth and leave a unique aftertaste!

          The best lean snack is traditional hummus. Serve with spicy tortilla chips and green butter. Crunch for health with the branded ALTBIER beer.

          Welcome to try the Lent Menu at the ALTBIER show restaurant.

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