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Meet the winter with new business lunches!

The lower the temperature, the richer the dishes in the ALTBIER show restaurant. On weekdays, between noon and 16:00, we recommend taking a break and visit us for a business lunch. And let all the deadlines and messengers wait while you taste the new products!

          Business lunches are opened by four first courses: traditional Ukrainian borsch and light turkey broth, rich pea soup and fragrant cream soup of mushrooms. Order hot toast with one of the spicy cream snacks: garlic ghee or bean curd.

          In the top three salads - the brand "Olivier", tuna salad and sauerkraut with homemade butter. And the five main dishes include meat items, which are served with freshly baked bread. These are chicken schnitzel, sausage with beef liver, chicken meatballs, chicken chop, and a juicy burger with beef steak. Side dishes include French mashed potatoes, wild rice, rustic potatoes, cabbage stewed in paprika, and baked potatoes.

          Order a full lunch for 109 UAH or choose any 3 dishes from different categories. Lunch at the ALTBIER show restaurant will not only satisfy hunger, but also increase your productivity. Give yourself a well-deserved rest in the middle of the working day!

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