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Meet the new menu at the AltBier Show Restaurant!

The change of seasons always inspires chef Mikhail Gadrani for new dishes. The autumn-winter menu will appeal to carnivores, vegetarians and supporters of proper nutrition. We take into account the gastronomic preferences of each guest to see you at our tables more often.

        Crispy tapas are responsible for the Spanish notes in the new menu. Salmon, herring, liver pate, cimes from beans, roast beef, avocado, melted cheese with garlic - choose any of the 7 fillings or taste everything at once under your favorite aperitif.

        Camembert from German gastronomy came to us. Serve in 4 versions: with berry sauce, under apple marmalade, with pear and honey, in a crispy breading with sea buckthorn. We borrowed the amazing Lumaconi pasta from Italian cuisine and prepared it with 3 fillings: sausages and chili, shellfish, chicken meatballs.

        Tempuro eggplants in Teriyaki sauce and spiral-shaped zucchini with sweet and sour sauce and fried minced pork were added to the foam snacks.

        Lunches at ALTBIER have become even tastier! We added 3 rich hot soups to the menu: Pea soup with turkey broth, Pumpkin soup with dorbly and traditional Ukrainian Bograch with pork, beef and vegetables.

        In the company of salads 5 beginners: with goat cheese and pickled beets, with roasted Camembert and roasted pumpkin, with squid and Aioli sauce. From Czech cuisine, we "invited" Rizek salad with chicken schnitzel and potatoes, and under the foam we prepared Becker salad with onions and fried bacon.

        We delight carnivores with hearty dishes in hot cast iron: Pork knee with stewed cabbage, Meat sausages with veal liver and beef rib "Bourbon". We also serve pans with chicken, pork or beef, baked with vegetables and beer smoke.       

        In experiments with veal and the Hosper oven, 6 fantastic dishes were born! We especially recommend trying the veal "Suitcase" stuffed with oysters, tender beef cutlets and fermented steak. Try new products and taste craft beer from the New Craft Story series from star brewer Viktor Vashchuk.

        The ALTBIER show restaurant inspires and fills life with pleasant memories!

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